Why Cord Blood Banking is Important?

UCB stem cells can be used to treat various genetic diseases, immune deficiencies, and blood malignancies. A sick sibling or a relative may also get treatment using stem cells of the umbilical cord blood. When the CB is banked, it provides preservation for potential life-saving stem cells that in the past were discarded after birth of an infant.

why bank cord blood

A consent form has to be signed by the UBC donor before the collection is done. Also, the blood units are tested of any infectious diseases or microbial sterility to make sure that they are safe.

Banking cord blood in private banks cost money, the donors have to pay for processing fee and the annual payments to be able to access the blood. However, when it is donated to the public banks, it is usually free. Families want to consider cord blood banking costs and see which option is more suitable to them.

Cord Blood Banking Advantages

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