Top 10 Cord Blood Banks Worldwide

Cord blood that is rich in stem cells needed to treat various life-threatening and inherited disorders can be stored in banks. With the ongoing research and clinical trials, there are more promising outcomes in the use of cord blood therapy. There is more to be expected with this therapy as many more diseases are being studied and included in the list of stem cell-transplant treatable ailments. When researching which cord blood bank to use for your cord blood donation or personal use storage, it is better you go with that which is registered with FDA and complies with the regulations set forth such as good tissue practice regulations, and screening and testing of the donor for infectious diseases. A family may also want to consider the cost of cord blood banking, the processing options, clinical experience, payment options, as well as shipping and delivery methods. That’s said, there are the top 10 cord blood banks in the world:


Americord - Cord Blood Bank

This is situated in New York City and was founded in 2008. It offer quality guarantee and has no cancellation fees. With over 20 years of cord blood storage, you can be certain that Americord has the expertise and equipment along with technology to provide safe cord blood banking. When you have a cord bank with ‘Quality Guarantee’ it implies that if the cord blood is required for medical use and something happens to doubt its quality for example, there is no engraftment, you can be reimbursed money you paid toward procurement. Americord has some of the highest quality guarantee packages. The facility has an innovative technology that allows it harvest more stem cells when compared to other processing technologies.

Cord Blood Registry

Cord Blood Registry

It’s one of the earliest-to-be-founded cord blood banking facilities having been established in 1992. With many years of operations, it has build trust with donors. Cord Blood Registry has a long-standing history of safe, responsible, and highly innovative cord blood banking and has AABB accreditation. CBR has the largest number of banked cord blood units. Its financial strength is evident by its purchase by AMAG Pharmaceuticals in 2015 valued at $700 million. CBR is situated in San Bruno, California. The facility offers long term cord blood storage discounts and lifetime pre-pay packages. Its delivery time is considered very efficient.


CryoCell - Cord Blood Bank

Founded in 1989, the cord blood bank started storing cord blood stem cells in the year 1992, and it has been recognized as the first cord bank in the world. Cryo-Cell offers cord blood banking services to people from different parts of the world. There is no enrollment fee with the bank and it guarantees its customers a safe storage with a ‘Quality Guarantee’ package. There is also no cancellation fee when you want to withdraw from storing your cord blood specimen.


ViaCord - Cord Blood Bank

This facility was founded in 1993 and is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. It banked stem cells have a high percentage of successful treatment in the region. The cord blood banking fee offered by ViaCord is averagely priced and the storage fee is also within the acceptable range. ViaCord is certified by AABB, CLIA , and FDA. It has over two decades of experience and it guarantees its customers that there won’t be any change to the annual storage fee for 25 years.


LifeBank USA

With it’s in Cedar Knolls, NJ, this cord blood facility is a subsidiary of a world-class biopharmaceutical company known as Celgene. It has averagely priced cord blood banking fees and offers ‘Quality Guarantee’ package to its customers. LifebankUSA is certified by AABB and FDA.



Established in 1997, FamilyCord is a part of the California Cryobank and it provides services to families from different countries. The facility is certified by CLIA and FDA. It is compliant with the guidelines set by the US Department of Health and Human Services regarding lab testing, quality control, quality assurance, and lab expertise. Its prices are moderate and donors have to pay enrollment and courier fees. The cord blood bank offers 24/7 hour services meaning even during holidays, it will serve your needs. There are discounts available to healthcare workers, students, and military.

New York Cord Blood Program (NCBP)

New York Cord Blood Program

This non-profit cord blood banking facility is situated in New York City. It was founded in 1992 by which time it was known as the New York Blood Centre. The cord bank has released thousands of specimens to be used for hematopoietic stem cell transplantations (HSCTs). It was the first cord blood banking facility to be accredited with the award NetCord-FACT in 2003. It serves families all over the world. NCBP is licensed by the FDA.

China Cord Blood Corporation

China Cord Blood Corporation

This is located in Daxing, Beijing and is the largest cord blood banking facility in China almost controlling about 50 percent of the cord banking activities in China. It serves as both private and public bank for the Chinese people.


Cryo-Save - Cord Blood Bank

This is located in Zutphen, Netherlands and is considered the largest cord blood bank within Europe. Having been founded in 2000 as Cry-Cell, it later in 2002 changed its brand name to Cryo-Save. It is a subsidiary of Arabia’s Cryo-Save, the first private cord blood banking facility to begin operations in Middle East.


CordVida - Cord Blood Bank

This BC stem cell banking facility is situated in São Paulo, Brazil and is considered the largest in South America. It was established in 2004 and has attained AABB accreditation. CordVida offers the largest number of private cord blood units for cord blood transplants within Brazil.

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