Cord Blood Banking Myths 3 & 4

Myth #3: You can still access the cord blood you donate to a public bank

Before you donate cord blood you want to ensure that you have gotten every bit of information correct. Many people are rushing to make uninformed choices on banking cord blood, something they may lament over someday. Private banking can prove helpful and it could save thousands of dollars if it happens that you need the banked cord blood for treatment of one of your family members. But the odds aren’t always there to get a match or even use own cord blood to treat a disease. There are cases where a child who has her cord blood banked cannot use it to get stem cell transplants because it presents risks of genetic flaws. For example, leukemia patients cannot use their own cord blood cells and donor stem cells tend to perform better.

If you have donated to a public bank, chances are that you cannot access the cord blood in future. It may already have been used by another patient, discarded because it doesn’t meet the standards, or it was used in research and experimentation. If by any chance you get the specimen in the public bank, it again would cost you lots of dollars. However, the aim of public donation of cord blood is to help other people receive treatment.1

Myth #4: The best cord blood bank is that which offers the best rate

Cord banks aren’t created equal, there are some that have lower rates than others. The cost of cord blood banking is one that people tend to dwell on when choosing a storage facility for their newborn’s cord blood, however, this can be misleading. If you want to know the best cord blood bank to engage with, look for years of experience, the stem cells they have released for transplants or treatment and how the success rate has been. The expertise in collection, testing, storage, and preservation can determine the viability of the banked cord blood. If the bank guarantees safety and it can reimburse funds if you don’t get a viable cord blood, then that again counts. Look to see that the cord blood bank is registered and accredited with regulatory and professional bodies like AABB and the FDA.3

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