Can Parents use Baby’s Cord Blood? Is it Justifiable to Bank Cord Blood for Personal Use?

Can parents use baby’s cord blood?

It is frequently cited that storing an infant’s cord blood can safe his or her life by getting treatment in what is referred to as autologous transplantation. However, what isn’t frequently pointed out is the ability of the cord blood to be used to offer treatment to the parents and older children or siblings.

It is also possible that another family member may get treatment with the stem cells from cord blood of the infant. Where treatment is offered to another person other than the infant, it may be referred to as allogeneic cell transplantation where it could be to a related member or an unrelated person. A sibling may have a chance of about 25 percent to get a match for the newborn’s cord blood stem cells. That chance however reduces for other relatives including the parents but it is always there.3,4

Is it justifiable to bank cord blood for personal use?

Talking of personal use, it implies own-use or use of the cord blood by the infant. So, the answer is Yes and No. It is advisable that you bank cord blood for personal use if your family does have a history of genetic disorders or other diseases treatable with use of cord blood stem cells. If there is an older sibling with a disease like leukemia, then it is advisable you bank cord blood.

The notion that banking cord blood offers a biological insurance doesn’t apply to all families, only those that may have family members or relatives suffering diseases and disorders treatable with the stem cells obtained from cord blood may perceive cord blood banking as an insurance or investment. An important thing is that even when a family member suffers a heritable disease, a perfect match may not be found from the newborn’s banked cord blood. In such a situation, the patient would consider public cord blood registry for a possible match.

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